All of Us Strangers: Love, Death, Andrew Scott Naked.

All of Us Strangers: Love, Death, Andrew Scott Naked.

The secrets of love and death shared with intimate ease in Andrew Haigh's transcendent version of a Japanese ghost story that stars Andrew Scott , an actor so present and true you can feel his skin.

Show notes

If truth, emotion and love counted with the academy, this film would be nominated for best actor, (Andrew Scott) best supporting actor (Paul Mescal) , best adapted screenplay, best director, (Andrew Haigh) and best film. Andrew Haigh brings the dead back to life, and explores the truth of intimacy , desire, comfort, and love. He tells the impossible story with such ease and confidence that you believe it all. Andrew Scott plays Adam, a lonely screenwriter living in a high rise so new it seems empty. A young neighbor comes on to him; he takes a train to visit his parents , who've been dead for 30 years...

Produced and edited by Matty Rosenberg, co-produced by Jennifer Hammoud, and Joan Juliet Buck @ Graphics by Joseph Maresca Send comments to or call (845) 307-7446‬

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